Does Anyone Else Find War Exciting?

Riot Police

Tweet Am I alone in enjoying war coverage in the news? Am I the only one watching thinking, “ooh I hope things get a little bit worse”? War is like watching natural disasters; part of you knows it’s terrible, part of you really feels for the victims, and another, more perverse part of you sits […] Read more »

15 Songs to Make You Smile

Tweet Here are 15 silly, funny or just downright bizarre songs – because I feel bad about leaving you unsatisfied with the brevity of the earlier post (I really do make a considerate lover). Not all of them have proper videos. 1) Crazy as F*ck – MC Hawking MC Hawking was a genius idea. Scientist […] Read more »

Today You Are Perfect. Take the Day Off.

Tweet A slight detour from the usual today. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Well, short anyway. Life throws things up unexpectedly. Just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, or you think you’re in a comfortable place, everything changes. You could be looking in the eyes of your partner, sitting at your […] Read more »