Do what you love, even if it’s crap.

Tweet I was talking to a lovely young lady about how I hoped the writing that I’m doing at the moment is the worst writing I’ll ever do. The thinking behind this being that one day I’d like to be actually quite good at this sort of stuff, and right now everything I write feels […] Read more »

Do Something That Scares You

Do something every day that scares you, shag a lemming.

Tweet Do one thing every day that scares you. –  Eleanor Roosevelt How many things actually scare you? Christ, if I did one thing every day that scared me I’d be done or dead within the week. The prospect of being stuck in a basement with Josef Fritzl terrifies me. It probably scares you too. […] Read more »

How to Plan the Ultimate Suicide

Tweet Now I don’t necessarily condone suicide, but the world is overpopulated. So yeah, kill yourself. Just don’t fuck it up and make sure you give us all a laugh while you do it. If it’s a boring suicide – drug overdose, razorblades to the wrists, you’re in the wrong place. This site is for […] Read more »

Procrastination: An Impractical Guide

Tweet Well, I had planned an excellent post on something completely different today. I just didn’t get around to writing it. I did attempt to write it. Sort of. There was a well meaning period just before I started this where I sat and thought about writing it. It just didn’t come out. Instead, you […] Read more »