Depression: Just Say No

Tweet There are a lot of anti-drugs adverts out there, telling you how you should “Just Say No” to drugs. Drugs are bad mmmm’kay. Drugs are not, however, the topic of discussion today. Instead I am encouraging you all to “Just Say No” to something far more damaging than drugs, that something is depression. Like […] Read more »

The Silliness of Sport

Death Bumps River

Tweet Sport is a silly thing; think about it. It requires a huge amount of effort and time to get good at and you almost certainly aren’t going to get good enough to be paid to do it. If someone came to you and said the following, you’d think they were mad: I have an […] Read more »

The Caveman Diet

Om Nom Nom Nom

Tweet Unlike many modern diets, the caveman diet was invented a long time ago. It was invented by cavemen who recognised the need to eat things that weren’t likely to kill them. There’s this myth that eating lots of fruit and vegetables and forgetting meat and fat is the best way to stay trim. Bullcrap. […] Read more »

Five Top Tips to Becoming a World Champion

Tweet So you want to become world champion right? Of course you do. You’re awesome. Who wouldn’t want to become champion of the world! You get to drive fast expensive women cars. That’s pretty cool. So how do you do it? Here’s five top tips to becoming champion of the world. 1) Owning the right […] Read more »