The Truth Behind: Climbing the Corporate Ladder

The Ladder

Tweet One day you may dare to enter the world of “business” and become a cog in the well-oiled machine that runs on the hopes and dreams of its employees. When you start your new corporate job you’ll be given a rough outline of some, but not all of your responsibilities. You will then be […] Read more »

The Truth Behind: Entering Entrepreneurship

Business Plan

Tweet At some point, as needs must, we will usually be forced to contemplate a career that does not involve being bitten by a radioactive beetroot and gaining superpowers with which to rule save the world. Now at some point you might want to get a real job, the alternatives are pretending to be sick […] Read more »

How to Become a Hermit

Yeah, I was lazy so went with the obvious joke.

Tweet Hermits are relatively solitary folk. They don’t care for society; they frown upon it. It is, however, a great career for people who don’t like people. Chances are most the people you know don’t actually like you. Of the ones that do you probably like less than half of them. From the remainder, most […] Read more »

Finding Your Perfect Dead-End Job

Robot man

Tweet Everyone needs a job. Mind numbing and spirit crushing labour is clearly the way ahead in life. Sure you could make a living freelancing. You could pursue your dreams and end up writing novels from halfway up a mountain somewhere, or working as a diving instructor on an island paradise. Sure, you could do […] Read more »