Why it’s great to be single over Christmas

At least there aren't Christmas decorations in the background.

Tweet So, it’s raining here and a lot of people are moping about being single for Christmas. Those that aren’t are obliviously merrying along paying no heed to the fact that their relationship is, on the balance of probabilities, likely to come to an abrupt end in the new year anyway. Being single at a […] Read more »

What Makes People Pretty?

The Eyes of The Girl of My Dreams

Tweet When you ask people what they look for in another person, they’ll often lie to themselves and tell you how they look for someone with a good sense of humour. People bandy about words like “kind”, “caring” and “intelligent” as if these are actually attributes that mean anything when it comes to choosing a […] Read more »

Why Earache is Worse Than a Broken Heart

Stay Single

Tweet Few things hurt more than a broken heart; earache is one of them. Earache is the worst pain you can have, followed shortly by toothache. Even masochists hate earache. A broken heart is far more fixable. You can drown a broken heart in a pub. Going to a pub with earache is hell. Everything […] Read more »