Meditate Motherfucker

Tweet You probably don’t meditate, or if you do meditate you don’t do it properly; you probably listen to some new-age meditation mix tape shit (does anyone else still use tape?). You know the sort of tape I mean, some sort of positive self-affirming crap that tells you how awesome you are, like you don’t […] Read more »

The Human Soul is Made Out Of Lego

Tweet This post sort of follows on from the one where I talk about why I think having depression is a bad idea. Now I have not done any kind of scientific testing on my theory, but it is now my firm belief that the human soul is made of Lego. This may not be […] Read more »

How to be a Prophet

Me looking like a prophet

Tweet The world is filled with prophets, mystics, yogi and gurus. Some of them are more successful than others. Prophets aren’t conjured out of nothing, they are born, they grow up, and then go forth and prophet. You have to put in some significant time into personally developing in order to become a prophet; it’s […] Read more »

Astrology to Cause Personality Disorders.

Tweet So, apparently, the signs of the zodiac are no longer correct, and we’ve all been reading the wrong star signs for a thousand years. Oh, and to make matters worse, there’s a 13th star sign: Ophiuchus. This means that it is crucially important that you go look up your new star sign, and read […] Read more »